Sunday, June 3, 2012

Double up weekend

This past weekend was a greatly anticipated one, but a busy one for sure.  Two things were on the agenda, Saturday fish an "I-BASS" tournament with partner Doug Chaloupek, second, direct a Hot Rod Baits tournament at Brushy Creek on Sunday. 
Saturday morning started early...2:30AM as I made my way to Doug's house so we could get to West Lake for the 5AM blast-off of our tournament.  Doug and I did not do well in our last I-Bass event, so we needed a good one.  I practiced on the lake last weekend, which is my last BLOG entry.  It went well and thus the anticipation of the tournament was immense!  We finished the day in 2nd place and got 2nd big bass.  A cool $500 came our way for those accomplishments, thanks most in part to the 4.85# bass that Doug caught that day!  More importantly we made up some ground in the "Team of the Year" race, which is our overall goal.  Our plan was a good one, and we made some key on-lake decisions that led to our limit of 3 bass that weighed 11.50 pounds.
Myself and I-Bass partner Doug Chaloupek with our
limit of three bass that weighed 11.50#.

After collecting our money we were off on the road for another 90minute trip straight north to Brushy Creek.  I was not fishing this event, just directing the event.  I had 17 teams signed up for the 5:30am blast-off on Sunday.  Things went without a hitch, and the tournament was a big success.  My good friend Dave Jordan and his partner Don Peart won the Hot Rod Baits tournament with over 15 pounds and my good buddies Zach and Kelly Maxfield came in 2nd with over 15 pounds too.  It was great to see these guys have a great day and collect some money of their own.  After a quick cleanup of tournament materials, it was one more 90 minute trip home.  A busy weekend, but looking back...WELL worth it!

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