Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Club Tournament

This past weekend it was time for the next club tournament out of Pool 10 on the Mississippi River.  Trent and I spent about 5 hours on Friday looking around Pool 10 and another 8 on Saturday.  We also went to Pool 11 for a couple hours late in the afternoon on Saturday.  We were not happy with what we saw in Pool 10, and knew we would need more than 10 pounds to do well in this tournament.  Pool 11 was a last ditch effort, but it was our saving grace in the end. 
Trent Beier and I hit some areas and saw some potential.  We did not hit an old-time favorite that night though, in an attempt to save it for the tournament day.  That was a wise decision. 
We caught 4 of our 5 bass that we weighed in at "the old standby" area in Pool 11.  A lot of current mixed with rocky bank and plenty of minnows created a feeding area for fish to gather.  Four nice fish fell to a Pop-R bait, three of them being nice smallmouth bass.  We filed our limit and culled a few times using slow baits, like tubes and big craws from Hot Rod Baits.
We had a great time fishing, although the river wasn't the nicest to us on this weekend, we once again made some good decisions and that led us to another top three finish...well actually another win on the season!  Our limit was 12.90#, besting second place by over a pound.
I got home late Sunday evening, but I am counting down the days until I can once again be on the Mighty Mississippi River!

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