Monday, April 28, 2014

First club tournament of 2014

The first Tri-County Bass Club event of the year was held on Badger Creek Lake, near Des Moines.  The club had 20 boats signed up for this lake, which is a lot, the lake is not very big at all.  Throw in the rain all day long, and heavy storms moving through the area throughout the day, I wasn't too excited about this event.  Needless to say, I gave it my best effort.  Here is a quick recap of the main events of the day:
~7:00am start time, made about 15 casts
~Went back to the truck and waited out the lightning storm for about 20 minutes
~Went back to fishing until 10:30 without one bite
~10:30, threw a jig to a brushpile, and only bite of the day, a KEEPER though!
~About noon, I was trolling around some stumps and hit one square on, my trolling motor braket snapped, and my motor fell into the lake.

~My day was done.
I ended up finishing in 8th place, even though i only fished about half of the time.  That just proves how bad the fishing was.  The complete results can be seen at:
All I can say after thinking about that day is...I should have just stayed home!

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