Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October FUN on the Mississippi River

A good look at our "double" catch.

Last weekend I found myself making a trip to Pool 9 for some fun fishing.  I met up with Trent Beier, someone who I normally fish with 10 or more days a year, however this year was the first time we met up.  Amazing for the two us with as many days of the year as we fish, our schedules just didn't match at all this year.  Needless to say, I was looking forward to spending the day with long time friend and fishing buddy, Trent.
We targeted the northern part of Pool 9, as I have done well there in the past during the months of October and November.  The bass weren't as cooperative as we were hoping, a recent major cold front probably had something to do that.  However, we were able manage a couple dozen bass, all on slow moving Hot Rod Baits such as tubes, Big Craws, and jigs.
It was fun to reminisce about the season, both of us sharing our best tails from the year, and even the topic of ice fishing came up...I think I may have converted another angler into an ice angler!
It was a fun 7 hours on the water, and plenty of fish to keep us busy.  We caught enough fish, and a few bigger ones, on back to back casts nonetheless.  It was a great day of fishing, but unfortunately it had to come to an end.  I sure hope the 2015 bass season finds Trent and I sharing a boat more often than we did 2014.
Our two biggest fish of the day, both right at 3.75#.  While Trent was reeling his in,
I pitched a jig along the same tree, and caught mine, making for a 2-person "selfie".

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