Sunday, February 22, 2015

Helping Out

Another angler is "HOOKED" on ice fishing.
From time to time my email or phone lights up with the opportunity to do a guide trip.  Whether it is on the boat or on the ice, someone is reaching out to me to help them have a nice day of fishing.  Some trips are all about learning the game of fishing, or to increase an anglers talents, but this one was to introduce a young man to sport of ice fishing.  "Grandpa" wanted to get his grandson out on the ice to help spark another hobby that he and his grandson could enjoy together.  Both were very nice people and wanted the day to begin quickly as both were excited to catch some fish.  A quick lesson with the Vexilar and the young man realized that it was a little bit like a video game.  I knew right away that he grasped the concept of the Vexilar read-out and he was off fishing.  Within 5 minutes of fishing he caught his first ever fish through the ice.  Although it was early in the trip, and he was a little bit cold, he sure let grandpa know who caught the first fish the rest of the afternoon.  It was a nice few hours on the lake with two new clients.  The goal of hooking another youngster on ice fishing was accomplished, and to me that meant great success.

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