Monday, June 1, 2015

Staying sharp

This past weekend was an "off" weekend for me as I had no tournament scheduled.  This allowed for some fine tuning of skills for upcoming events on the Mississippi River.  With one day to fish I headed to Hawthorn Lake, which has many features of the big river.  Weeds, rocks and plenty of shallow water to get my mind sharp for the trip northeast.
Ken Lundsford joined me on the trip and we quickly found out that the bass on this lake were not going to play very nicely this day.  A huge cold front hit the area on Saturday and continued on Sunday.  The drive to the lake early in the morning was done with 46-degrees on the thermometer.  Quite a blast of cold air for the last day of May!
Ken pulled a couple early with a swim jig, which is what we were hoping to catch them on this day, however that was short lived.  The vast majority of bass we caught this day were on jigs or Hot Rod Baits tubes and Big Craws.  At times the bass would hit the swim jig amid the shallow weeds, but for the most part they wanted a slower presentation.  With a cold front settling in it didn't really surprise us and we enjoyed the day catching dozens of bass.
Many of those bass were brought in the boat while utilizing the Minn Kota Talons.  These continue to impress me, and did once again this time out.  Wind gusts were 15+ MPH and the Talons anchored right down.  They save time while tying on baits, throwing multiple casts at one target, the list goes on and on.  A great addition that are worth every penny spent.

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