Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fall to Winter

I have lived my 4 decades in Iowa, yet each and every year Mother Nature makes it feel different this time of year.  A year ago, there was no ice in site in this great state, however this last weekend many anglers, especially in the northern half of the state made their annual pilgrimage to the ice.  I was eager like many, but I am always very cautious this time of year.  This year there will be plenty of ice by the holidays, last year I had to travel to South Dakota to find some ice to scratch the ice fishing itch.  Not this year, Mother Nature has been kind, and I love the 10 day forecast!!!

Be safe out there and be sure to take the proper safety materials with you each and every time on the ice:
Buddy System~~~Rope~~~Flotation Device~~~Ice Picks

First Ice: December 11th

Last open water fish: November 26th

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