Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fish Chowder

The Iowa Sportsman Magazine often highlights recipes for wild game.  With plenty of fillets in the freezer and wanting something different than another fried meal, I decided to give one a try. 

The featured recipe I tried was "Walleye Chowder".   I couldn't find any walleyes, but did find a bag of 10 bluegills, they filled in just fine.  The recipe was simple and had all the ingredients on hand except the red pepper.  I am not one to enjoy really "hot" food anyway so I left it out of the recipe. 

The chowder was great, and you could still get that hint of fish taste.  It makes quite a large helping, probably about 12 bowls.  So if you will not be sharing with many, you may want to cut hings in half.  Another thing, that red pepper that I left out, I am glad I did.  The cayenne pepper was plenty to give it a zip.  This is a great recipe to try, so if you have some fillets around give it a won't be disappointed. 

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