Monday, January 8, 2018

Weather changes in Winter

The past couple of weeks have been quite a roller coaster of weather patterns.  Fronts seemed to move through every other day, mix in a couple snow showers and an abrupt rise in temperatures which saw over a 50 degree change in a 36-hour period.  Yes, it is Iowa and winter is here.

One nice thing all this weather did do was to grow a lot of ice.  I am very thankful for that, and this past weekend I was able to hit 2 different NE Iowa lakes in search of some panfish.  Aided in that was my trusty snowmachine, making traveling a breeze.  David Gissel and I hit the road to the north to Lake Meyer in search of some gills and crappies.  The first hour was great, several fish and some nice keepers of both species.  Then, someone flipped the switch, nothing.  Fish were reluctant to bite and really disappeared from the structure we were fishing.  We fished many different spots, some with brush, some without and not much was shown for our efforts.  Out of curiosity we chatted with a couple other anglers, same story, the bite was just off.

Plan B, we could head home early, or hit another lake.  We decided that two lakes couldn't be off, so we had to stop at Volga.  We had a similar game plan and it worked much better here.  The fish were very cooperative, as long as we were prepared for them.  The bite was not a strong one, very light in fact.  A spring bobber or a very sensitive rod tip was mandatory for catching fish.  The fish were lighting up the Vexilar constantly around the brushpiles, but did not give us any hard bites at all.  Very subtle bites, but keying into the bites and using our gear made for a great afternoon of catching gills and Crappies.  Two lakes in one day, I have no idea how many holes we drilled, all I do know is I can't wait until I do it again!  Be safe out there.

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