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2019 Yellow Bass Bonanza

The Yellow Bass Bonanza Banquet at the SURF BALLROOM
February 10th marked the day for the 2019 YBB, Iowa's largest ice fishing event.  The event has occurred on Clear Lake for several years and Jacy Large and I have teamed up to the fish in the past 4 years together.  We always have had the goal to have fun and try to get to the top 25, but with tournament fields ranging from 220 teams to the nearly 310 this year it is never easy.  In the previous four years we accomplished the "Top 25" goal three times.  In 2015- 5th place, 2016- 15th place, 2017- 16th place,  2018- 150th place.  That placing didn't settle well with us, even though we were lucky and still won an ice shack.  I don't like luck, and was really pushing to get to the top 25 once again.

This year, the tournament goal was to weigh in 30 yellow bass.  We were able to get into town Friday night to prepare tackle and gear, ready to hit the ice for a practice day on Saturday.  We started in the little lake and moved very quickly from spot to spot.  I was amazed to see the ice so thick, I had no way of measuring it, but I would estimate at least 18 inches.  Typically with that much ice I like to use the propane powered Eskimo auger...reports did not say the ice was going to be that thick.  That was a mistake...but in the end it didn't matter.  Lesson learned, you have the space, bring ALL your equipment!  Oh well, we drilled out the little lake and several species were willing to bite; walleyes, perch, white bass, crappies and a few yellow bass.  We never were able to catch more than one yellow bass in an area, although the yellows were of very good size on the little lake, we decided to cross it off our list.  Numbers is the name of the game with yellows, and if you are seeing multiple species and not groups of yellows, then it is definitely time to move on at Clear Lake.

We moved over to the big lake and like the previous weekend many anglers were grouped up around the pumphouse and baptist areas.  The secret was out...if it was ever a secret.  The yellows were on that side of the lake and it was up to the over 600 anglers in the tournament to trick them into biting.  Once we joined in and around the groups our Vexilar FLX-28s were lit up pretty regularly.  The yellows were there and ready to bite, numerous yellows in areas and we knew we would have to work pretty hard on Sunday to get our 30 fish in the bucket.  It was time to head back to the house and regroup for tournament day.  We re-tooled some baits and were set for the event, it was off to the YBB Banquet.

The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake has been the venue for the banquet each year.  It is a really neat place with a ton of history.  The stage is always full of prizes and this year well over 600 ice anglers were there to have a good time and enjoy a meal together.  The meal was fantastic as usual and the opportunity to see and meet new ice anglers from around the state and Midwest is a great time.  Kevan Paul and Chris Scholl along with their staff at Clear Lake Bait and Tackle sure have things figured out.  Everything is smooth from check-in at the banquet to the final weigh-in on Sunday.  Hats off to them and their staff for putting on a great event for ice anglers.  This year the prizes totaled over $40,000 which included a 4-wheeler and a Polaris Ranger!  The event typically fills up by the end of November, so if you want a spot next year, I would say get signed up and get signed up EARLY!

The goal each year is a top 25, this year we knew the fishing was a bit "off" but we knew we had to get our bucket of 30 yellow bass to try and get towards the top.  With over 300 teams in the competition each team choose to either start in the big lake or the little lake.  This really helped keep the shotgun start safe for anglers and worked great.  We began in the big lake near the channel and caught 4 or 5 yellows, all of very good size, but we were not seeing many of them on the Vexilars.  It was time to move.  We moved away from this area to some shallower water to an area we caught a quick few on Saturday.  We set up a few holes in 5 feet of water and little perch moved in.  After seeing several smaller marks on the Vexilar screen follow our jigs and spoons and then catching 3 small perch, we were out of there in just a few minutes.  We went north towards the pumphouse area and sat in the middle of two larger groups in about eight feet of water.  Staying away from the crowds on this move helped us the rest of the day as we never had to move the snowmachine again.  We started picking up a few yellows right away and they slowly became more frequet as the morning went on.  Although we didn't catch a good ratio of fish that came on the Vexilar we knew we were in the right area as we were getting enough bites and the right size of yellows in the bucket too.  It wasn't easy, as many fish would look and toy with us and simply would not bite, but we stayed with it as I was pretty sure the yellows were swimming right at us.  The Vexilars were becoming more regular as the morning went on, showing fish moving into the area we were at.  It was a perfect scenario.  Jacy and I both had a couple of good runs late in the morning.  We both were able to pop multiple yellows out of the same hole and stared getting towards the tournament limit of 30 yellows.  Battleing these larger than normal yellows sure is a treat using high quality rods and reels.  I love the Jason Mitchell Meat Sticks coupled by the Quantum Throttle Reel.  The reel is so smooth with 11 bearings and the drag is no match for the scrappy yellow bass.  We kept gathering our yellows here and there, at times they wanted a small jig, which is the specialty of Jacy, while other times they wanted a spoon, which is my specialty when it comes to Yellow Bass.  The time went on and 12:30 was upon us.  I decided to go count the fish and make sure they were fresh  in the bucket.  I knew we would be pretty close to 30, but as soon I dumped the bucket on the ice, I knew we didn't' have it, in fact I thought we weren't even close...I was crushed.  I quickly started counting; 10, 15, 20...oh boy.  Yep, 29, actually it was more than I though we had when I dumped the bucket out.  I yelled over to Jacy, "We need one more!" Nothing, he didn't say anything...just sat there.  I yelled, "Did you hear me?"  He then says, "Yes I heard you, I'm trying".  In the next twenty minutes we both ended up catching a couple more, so we had our bucket of 30 yellows and were able to replace some smaller ones, which is always a good feeling in a tournament.  Off we went to the weigh-in to see where we would fall this year.
2019 Recap: 310 teams, 7th Place with 30 Yellow Bass = 17.04#

Jacy got in the weigh-in line, I tended to the mess of ice equipment we had used for the day.  When he came back I could tell by the grin on his face we did well.  He said, 17.04 pounds.  I knew this was a good weight and I was pretty sure it would land us in the top 25.  We were thrilled as teams were called off to collect their prizes, 25th place, 20th place, 15th place, 10th place..."We made it in the top 10 again" I said to him, as Jacy was grinning ear to ear.  When it was all said and done, we ended up in 7th place out of about 310 teams.  A plaque for the wall and a new pair of Costa Sunglasses for each of us too.  A great way to end the weekend, it is always fun to fish with Jacy and this event makes sure it happens every year with a little pride on the line too.  I also learned a unique trait of my friend this weekend that I never knew before; when under extreme pressure he seems to freeze and focus immensely on trying to solve the problem.  I learned this on the ride home when I asked him if he heard me say we needed one more fish...he simply replied, "I heard you the first time...I was just nervous I would catch the next fish to make 30!"   Always nice talking with you Jacy!

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