Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fall Topwater- My favorite pick


September and into October bass typically "feed up" on baitfish.  This gives anglers one last chance to target bass using topwater baits.  Normally baits like buzzbaits, pop-r baits and walking baits are reserved for early mornings and evening hours.  However, during the cooler days bass will strike these baits all day long.  Sandbars, rocky banks, points and bluff banks can all be good places for bass to trap shad, minnows or other baitfish.  

There are many baits to choose from this time of year to intice a topwater bite, but my favorite has become a walking bait made by IMA Lures, the Skimmer.  This is slim bodied bait with two treble hooks and walks across the water at any speed you like.  You can move this slender bait very quickly or glide it slowly on your favorite structure.  Any walking bait take a bit of time and the right rod/reel combo to get the proper action, but it is a quick learn.  If you haven't tried a walking bait for fall bass, I highly recommend it!

Rod/Reel Specifics:

Rod: 7 foot Quantum Smoke, Medium action/Fast tip

Reel: Smoke Reel 6.1:1 Gear Ratio  30# Braided line or 15-20# Mono (Both have worked well)

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