Saturday, December 21, 2013

Quick Trip to Hickory Grove Lake

I had a few hours yesterday and just couldn't pass up the chance to check out a nearby lake.  A quick call to a fellow ice fishing friend, Chad Pietig, and we were headed west to Hickory Grove Lake.  We went to one of my "stompin" grounds, very deep water, brush in the area.  After carefully checking the ice as we ventured out on the ice, we found 4-6 inches of nice clear ice everywhere.  (we were on the far west side of the lake)  I popped ten holes to begin with, as Chad checked the holes behind me for depth, structure and fish with a Vexilar.  Well, I didn't cut anymore holes the next 2 hours.  We had plenty of action to keep us going. 
School after school came through the 22+ feet of water and picked the off as they did.  We ended with around 20 gills and 20 crappies for our two hours of fishing.  Most of the gills were 7-9 inches and the same for the crappies.  I haven't seen that many crappie out of that lake for years, so perhaps this was a wave of a new year class for them...either way I, and Chad had a great two hours.  Just goes to show even a short trip can "pan" out for some great panfish action! 

The Vexilar FLX-28 on the "Bucket" has been a fantastic

upgrade for the ice season.

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