Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Fishing

"We have to be crazy!", said Don as he came to pick me up to head out ice fishing today.  It was around noon and Don and I had planned to hit a private pond.  The temperature was -7 and that was without the windchill.  We quickly loaded my things in Don's truck and we were off.
Cloudy conditions, and snow in the forecast, along with the frigid temperatures, but an open day to ice fish is something I don't pass up on.  We set up in deeper part of the pond, about 15 feet of water and found fish immediately using the area.  There is a brushpile in this deep water area, but the fish were not using it today.  They were roaming the area and there were a lot of them, mostly bluegills.  The Vexilars made short work of catching them as they came in our area at all different depths. 
Don and I caught a few from each and every school that roamed through the area, making for a very fun day.   The bluegills were ranging from 5 inches to
just over 10 inches.  The crappies ranged from 4-inches to a couple giants at 13-inches. We caught dozens of fish through the ice, but the quality of bluegills we saw today is above anything I have ever seen before, perhaps Santa was looking down on us today...we must have been good boys this year!

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