Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

I spent a few days back at the old stompin' grounds over the holidays.  My two brothers and two brother-in-laws decided to break in the new year snowmobiling, so I tagged along to Volga State Park with my ice fishing gear in hand.  The temperature was well below zero with the wind, so the shack was on the ice for the first time all year.  I had never ice fished at Lake Volga before, a few pointers from a friend, and a quick look at the lake contour map led me to an area that had all the pieces I was looking for.  I set up in 16 feet of water, that had brush in adjacent shallower water.  A perfect setup for winter time fishing.  The fish were cruising, which normally means they are on the prowl for food.  The Vexilar FLX-28 really came in handy for these suspended fish.  These fish were hungry, up until about 10am, and then they just stopped eating.  It was a great trip with fast action from sun-up until that 10:00 time.  Crappies, bluegills and a few perch made it through the ice that morning.  A nice trip, and a great way to break in the new year.

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