Sunday, March 9, 2014

Family Ice Fishing FUN

Another youngster "Hooked"

 on Ice Fishing

My brother Tim has a boy who loves being outside and active.   For the past couple years I have tried to get him out on the ice, but it seems like the weather just never cooperated for a young boy to get out and enjoy the sport...he was due for a ice fishing trip.  On this weekend though, things turned out just right.  We headed to a private lake to try some ice fishing, the first time for him.  He was intrigued, and very inquisitive about the whole process of drilling holes and trying to find out where the fish might be swimming.  My nephew is a bright, and very mature kid, and like other kids I've taken out on the ice he learned how to use the Vexilar in the matter of seconds.  He loved watching his jig go up and down and the occasional fish swim up to take a look at his bait.  Although he didn't reel any in that day, he was smiling throughout the 2 hour trip.  I was lucky enough to hook into something big that day, so I told him to come help me out.  He moved the Vexilar out of the way, and watched me the battle the big fish.  When it was all done, he was proud to hold up as a small victory for our trip.  We only caught a couple of fish, but I know if the occasion ever comes up again, he would race for the truck with his snow gear on!

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