Sunday, March 23, 2014

One LAST time

Today, sadly, was my last day of ice fishing for the 2013-2014 ice fishing season.  A season that started back on the weekend of Thanksgiving in Northeast Iowa, has come to an end.  It was a great ice fishing season, I was able to get the snowmobile out quite early on the lakes allowing me a lot of mobility, the way I like to ice fish.  Here is the long list areas I ice fished: 3 farm ponds, Rock Creek Lake, Hickory Grove Lake, Big Creek Lake, Otter Creek Lake, Red Rock Lake, 2 different private quarries, and Sun Valley Lake.  I didn't get to reach out and try as many different lakes as I wanted to, mostly due to bad weather on the weekends.  However, 11 different bodies of water is good, as much of my ice time was devoted to tournaments on Big Creek, Rock Creek and Hickory Grove lake.
On to today, the last ice day of the season found me at Otter Creek.  I have been here several times this month, for one it is a short trip, and the ice has been very thick and the fish have been cooperative.  It wasn't my best day on the ice, but managed some Yellow Bass, a few gills, and some more time on the ice with a new ice fishing friend, Jacy.
It is always bittersweet on that last ride home, knowing that it will be at least November until I am "walking on water" again.  However, the open water season, and the bass tournament season is just around the corner, it is time to transfer my focus to the boat, and the open water gear.    

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