Sunday, January 13, 2013

Unusual Weather = Nervous

This past Saturday I had a chance to meet McTV producer on the ice to hopefully film an ice fishing TV show.  I say hopefully, because the few days prior to the taping session, the weather seemed more like April, and not like January.  Temperatures were in the 40's and a day in the 50's the week prior.  Then, to make things even more uneasy, a huge cold front came in Friday night, crashing temperatures to the teens and bringing in a 20mph wind out of the west.  Needless to say, I did not get much sleep Friday night in anticipation of the filming show.
I choose Rock Creek Lake to get some ice fishing on film.  I hit the lake the previous weekend, but did not have time to check it out during the week as I hoped.  The week prior two of my buddies and I found fish in several locations on Rock Creek Lake, but we ended up fishing the deeper basins of the lake, because we found some roaming schools of bluegills and crappies.  We had a blast the previous weekend, and I was just hoping for a  fraction of that success this weekend. 
Well, the warm weather, melting snow, and high winds didn't affect the fish, they were pretty much in the same location, but they did actually move a little bit deeper.  Chad Pietig ended up fishing with me for the TV show, this being his first time fishing in front of a camera.  I could tell he was a bit nervous on that account, let alone the weird weather we were having.  My nerves were calmed when i saw several fish on the Vexilar, telling me that the schools were still using this area to feed.  A few seconds into taping, and we had caught our first fish on tape...after that it was just a FUN day of fishing...all that worrying for nothing!
Chad and I had a great day at Rock Creek Lake, and now all we have to do is wait of the producer, and his editing staff to come up with an educational, fun and fishing catching TV show.  Stay tuned here for further details on air times and YouTube links.

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