Monday, July 22, 2013

Revenge on the RIVER

The title says it all for the last two weekends of fishing for me.  The weekend of July 13/14th was a good weekend of fishing on Pools 9 and 10, but the tournament I was in left me and teammate Ken Lunsford in the middle of the pack.  We had some good things going in practice, but with the water dropping quickly, the bass quickly relocated.  We still found enough fish on Sunday to put together a limit of 6 bass and then some, but middle of the pack is not what we expected.  However, in the end on our 3-hour trip back home, we had many laughs about the fishing, and enjoyed our time on the water.
This weekend, the 20/21st of July was "revenge" time.  This time it was with partner Trent Beier, and the Cedar Valley Bass Club event.  I spent practice day with my mentor and long-time friend, Kevin Christensen.  It is always a privilege to fish with Kevin, as we don't get to very much.  Looking back, we probably tried to cover too much water when fishing on Saturday, but we were on a mission to locate some schools of fish in Pool 9.  We did find one good area, and then it was off to Pool 10 to look around. I did find a couple areas with a lot of current that the fish were using to feed in.  It was a start for the tournament on Sunday.
Sunday rolls around and with a game plan in mind for Trent and I.  We hit the two current areas, but after 10 or so minutes in each area, we both knew that it was not going to cut it.  We quickly decided to go to pool 9.  That was the best decision we made all day, as it turned out we didn't waste too much time on fish that were not cooperating.  Something that we tend to do from time to time. We hit some more main channel areas in Pool 9, but things were not what we expected, one keeper smallmouth is all we had after a couple hours into the 7.5 hour tournament.  Time to hit the scramble button.  We basically, "punted" and just went fishing that were easy to drive to quickly, and hit as much variety that the river had to offer.  In July, however, CURRENT was always in our conversations.  We knew we had to be close to it.  We decided to hit an area in Pool 9 around the middle of the pool.  This place offers current, weeds, and some logs to throw at.  We both knew the area well as we have been fishing there for years. 
As we entered the shoot off the main river, I spotted a few weeds, FROG time.  I picked it up and on my second cast, BOOM, a nice 2.5# keeper. Things were looking up, but we knew we had a long way to go.  We continued to follow the current and the weedlines.  This was another good decision we made.  It wasn't much longer and I picked up another good keeper on an Optimum Baits Furbit Frog.  Trent was working the edges with swimjigs, but as time went on, it was all about getting back into the plethora of weeds available.  We both were slinging the Furbit Frogs for the majority of the rest of the day.  A decision that once again turned the weekend around, and made for an awesome fishing day.  After securing a limit in this area, we decided to give some other water a look.  It was about 10 more miles north, but we were willing to spend the time to get to an area that was similar to the weedlines we were catching them on. 

Optimum Baits Furbit Frogs

This was another good decision we made on this day.  We hit a few more weed lines similar to the first area, and the action picked up once again, and again, it was all about the frog.  We moved quickly from one weed line to another.  The more weeds the better, and when we saw something that looked good, we stopped and fished it for awhile.  Things were going great, but time was running out, we were a long way from the weigh-in, and we had to go through a lock and dam too.  One more area and we had to go, well that turned out to be a good decision too, 3.10# in the last bit of weeds and we were on our way back to the weigh-in. What a way to finish the day!  We ended up with about 13.40# and got 3rd place. 
All our fish that were headed with us to the weigh-in were caught on Optimum Baits frogs.  As Trent brought up during this day, frog-fishing has a lot to do with your equipment, and that is so true.  A medium-heavy action 7-foot rod is perfect for this presentation, and a high speed reel with braided line completes the setup.  I was throwing a medium-heavy 7-foot Quantum Smoke rod, and a high speed Quantum Smoke reel with 60# braid. This is the perfect setup for slinging frogs all day and getting them out of that heavy weed cover. Tie on a Furbit Frog...the bass have no chance!
An awesome day on the water with a good friend, and in the end, that is what it is all about.

Good decisions and teamwork led to a great day

 of fishing and another Top 3 event

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