Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

A three-day weekend always gets my blood pumping, because it normally means extra time to fish.  This holiday weekend was no different.  I spent Saturday with good friend Ken Lunsford on Hawthorn Lake.  We were after as many bass as we could catch, and Hawthorn is a perfect lake to meet that goal.  We caught bass on just about every lure we threw.  Texas rigged plastics, drop shot, buzzait, several different crankbaits, jigs, jerkbait, swim jigs, swim baits, and an Optimum Frog.  It was a great day on the water, and a good way to get ready for the summer bass action.  It is fun to hone in on different rod/reel combinations and use different lures to fine tune your presentations.  It isn't quite June, but I have used a lot of different baits this spring and I feel I am ready for any bite that awaits me.  Time on the water will hopefully keep me catching a lot of bass throughout the season.

The evening that day took my family and I to a farm pond.  We were most excited to just get out in nature and enjoy the beautiful day. Temperatures were right around the 75-degree mark most of the day.  A quick trip to a farm pond was just the thing we all needed.  Bluegills and crappies were abundant, and kept us very busy as we took in the evening hours.  Hats off to land owners who share their precious ponds with friends, I know this family severely appreciates it!  These kids sure can CATCH them!

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