Sunday, November 9, 2014

Done for the year

November is always the time of year where I am torn between the two things I love about the outdoors; fishing and ice fishing.  Yes, they are similar, but they are totally different in so many ways too.  Today marked the last day for me fishing in the open water.  A quick trip to Hawthorne Lake with good friend Don Henry ended the year.  We caught 3 bass in the 48 degree water and had some fun.  Everything worked great one last time on the boat which is always nice to know going into the long winter.  I winterized the Yamaha and will empty everything out in the next day or so.

It is always sad to close the garage door on the boat for the last time, but that means I can anticipate the upcoming ice fishing season.  One that might be here earlier than ever!  So, with the cold weather coming into Iowa on Tuesday, I can finally say that I am ready for the ice fishing season.

It was a great year on the boat, I shared many hours with friends and family and caught hundreds of fish, including the biggest bass of life back in April.  A lot of memories and pictures from the year, so those I will always treasure.  I am also fortunate enough to be adding another Bass Club Angler of the Year trophy to the house as well.

I sure hope the ice fishing season is as fun as the open water season was!

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