Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Talking Vexilar

The past two Saturdays I've had the opportunity to work along side the folks at the Cedar Falls Scheels Store.  I was there to help with product knowledge about Vexilar electronics.  These two days gives me a chance to get out to the public and speak to retailers and customers.  This gives me a valuable outlet to the numerous customers that already own Vexilars and potential customers. It is always fun to speak with people that already own a Vexilar and talk about he model they have, and normally they always bring up that it allowed them to "beat" their buddy ice fishing, or allowed their kids to catch some panfish at a pond.  Both scenarios are always great to hear about!
With each story and conversation there is always the inquisitive side of the consumer.  Even if people have owned a Vexilar for years, they always seem to have a question or two for me about heir model, or how is this model vary from another.  When this opportunity arises I turn to teacher mode and try to help them understand the many different products that Vexilar offers.  It is always fun and rewarding talking with customers and the staff at Scheels about the products and it is really fun to hear the great stories of fish catches that the Vexilar brought the anglers.
"CedarLoo" ice anglers have two great places
to check out Vexilars; Scheels in Cedar Falls,
 and Hank's Bait and Tackle in Waterloo.

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