Friday, January 30, 2015

Seminars in the UNI Dome

This past weekend I had the chance to conduct two ice fishing seminars in the Uni Dome as part of the Eastern Iowa Sports Show. It was a great time last year and looked forward to it again this year.

The first seminar covered all the different electronics used while ice fishing.  I am fortunate enough to have all the toys and enjoy talking to anglers about them.  Most importantly how to use them to catch more fish.  As always there were beginners in the crowd and ice fishing veterans too.  I discussed GPS units, cameras, flashers and how to use the Internet to help anglers get the upper hand in catching more fish.
The second seminar focused on putting all your ice fishing tools to good use on the ice.  8 spoke about all the tools used to help anglers  at home more fish.  Several questions arouse about the type of fishing shack to use or purchase.  In my opinion the flip over shacks are made for the angler that likes to move around a lot.  The hub or base shacks are for those who like to stay in one place for extended times.  So whatever type of ice angler you are, there is  a shack out there for you.
I could go on and on for days talking about ice fishing, so these seminars really only touch the peak of the iceberg that anglers can learn about the sport.  There are so many resources online that I encourage anglers to search out and learn from.  The world of ice fishing is constantly changing and we have to learn as much as we can to stay ahead of the game and catch more fish.

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