Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Time for change

A little time now with your
equipment will assure you some
great times in the spring.
Each year in November I am torn between one last trip in the boat and dreaming of walking on the ice to my first destination to drill holes.  It's always a toss up, and Mother Nature is always in control.  The boat is put away and I have started the annual ritual of getting those rods and reels ready for the 2016 season.  Here are few pointers I have learned over the years for putting things away so that they are ready in March for the first open water of the season.
1~ Rod Maintenance- all rods should be stored either flat or standing as straight as possible for the months of winter.  A corner of my basement maintenance room had worked great for this.  They are out of the way and don't get bumped into for months, just how it should be.  If you have cork handles, this is a great time to get an old toothbrush and make them look like new.  Add some baking soda to a bowl of water and stir.  Grab the brush and solution and brush on, the dirt, grime, fish slime will melt away.  Wipe with a rag with clean water and they will look like new.  A damp rag will clean up foam grips too.  One more thing to do is to check the eyelets on your rods.  Take a q-tip or cotton ball and run it around the eyelets in both directions to see if anything snags up.  If so, that eyelet will damage your line and winter is a great time to get that fixed before spring.
2~ Reels- your reels are obviously a vital tool when it comes to open water fishing.  Depending on your confidence or time during the winter months every reel should be broken down to apply fresh grease and oil where needed.  There are many good articles and YouTube videos of this if you want to tackle it your self.  If not, there are a few reel repair shops that will clean and grease them for you, but be ready to pay $25 or more per reel.  Either way, your reels need attention during the winter months whether you do it yourself, or allow others to step in.  You will
be pleasantly surprised come the spring on how well your reels will cast and how they will appear so much smoother.  It is worth your time to give attention to your reels.
3~ Organize- Winter is a great time to get all those baits organized into tackle boxes and bait packs.  I always try to make a "wish list" of items I need during the winter so I can stock up on them come spring.  Many major tackle distributors have great sales during February and March and that is a  great time to stock up. Organize now and you will be happy and ready to go come March.

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