Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quantum Fishing's NEW reel

I have had the chance to use the latest reel made by Quantum fishing for the past few months.  The SMOKE HD is a baitcasting reel specifically made for heavy duty fishing.  Quantum wasn't going to release it until later this fall, but the bass touring pros just had to have it and thus they sped up the deadline.  Once the pros got this reel in their hands, they just had to more of them.  It is available in 3 different gear ratios and can hold up 180 yards of line.  This is important because the more full your reel is the more line you can gain from each turn of the handle.  The 7.3:1 gear ratio reel can bring in 31 inches of line per rotation of the reel.  Everything about this reel is smooth, and solid, and I really like the new handle that Quantum has added on this model.  It is slightly longer than previous handles and has over-sized handle grips.  It features the tension knob, and the ACS externally-adjustable cast control dial for fine tuning the reel and weighs less than 7 ounces.  This reel is one that you will want to add to your arsenal!  Click on over to the Quantum website to see more details and some short videos by professional anglers.
The NEW Quantum SMOKE HD is an
awesome reel for a variety of fishing presentations.

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