Sunday, November 21, 2021

November = Fish Transition

October always brings one of the best bass fishing bites to the state of Iowa, especially on the river systems.  The cooler water and shorter days had the bass feeding up for the long winter ahead.  I always look forward to October fishing and the first part of the November, then the slow down begins.  Late November has its ups and downs, typically with temperature and that in turn has the fish a little confused too.  This November has been no different, cooler temps, windy days and shorter days all make fishing that much harder.  As the month of November moves forward, the number of bites gets lower.  This was no surprise to me on this trip, there are some patterns in fishing that no matter what you do, Mother Nature has the final say.  With water temperatures in the high 30s the bass were lethargic.  Dragging small worms along the bottom was the only way to get a few bites on this day.  One thing is for sure though, the month of November brings out the big fish, especially the big BROWN BASS.  Catching this beauty alone made the trip well worth it mixed in with some smaller ones.  Another great trip to the outdoors in final days of open water fishing.  If the water is flowing the boat will be floating, but to tell the truth after Thanksgiving my attention turns towards the frozen water.  Perhaps a few more fish from the boat is yet to come, but if not the month of November was one to remember.

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