Sunday, January 16, 2022


 That past two weekends have been fantastic bites on the ice.  It is a great time of year to brave the elements and hunt down fish, there is no better tool than a spoon to do so.  Moving quickly from one hole to another and dropping your offering to those lines on the Vexilar will soon have your favorite pole bent.   Perch and crappies tend to roam, working together with some friends can really make a big difference.  By working together and covering a lot of area will keep those moving fish under you.  Dropping spoons quickly down the water column and jigging up some fish will keep your team happy.  There have been days that no bait is needed on the spoon, however adjustments are a big part of fishing and you let the fish tell you what they want.  After catching a few fish from the school, any species of fish will get wary of the situation.  When this occurs tipping that spoon with a few spikes or mashing a waxworm on the treble hook will get you a few extra bites.  

When hunting fish down with spoons the right rod and reel combo are a must, here is one combo that has been very successful for me the past few years.

Moving and Grooving with Spoons Rod/Reel Setup:

Jason Mitchell Dead Meat Rod in the 36inch model, paired with a size 10 Quantum Drive reel

This combo lets you hop from hole to hole and drop the spoon very quickly to get those roaming fish. 


Enjoy these great fishing days, the winter "lull" is around the corner!