Monday, October 29, 2012

The last time???

I hit the water with friends; Dave Jordan and Don Henry on Sunday.  Bass was once again my main target.  The weather was beautiful, temperatures in high 40's and low 50's all afternoon.  I assumed the water temps would be around the upper forties, however I was way off.  Temperatures varied from 50-56 degrees.  I was hoping for cooler water, and "bunched up" bass for this outing. 

We ended up catching bass all throughout the water column.  Some were as shallow as 2 feet, and others in 15 feet of water.  The bass were scattered to say the least.  I employed a three-rod arsenal for the day, my Quantum KVD cranking combo, Exo rod/reel for a spinnerbait, and the trusty EnergyPT and Accurist Texas rig pole.  All three got worked over pretty good this day!  Most fish did come on the KVD cranking rod, as the bass were wanting a slow crankbait retrieve. 

The Hot Rod Baits "Big Daddy" fooled a few bass aboard on this late fall trip.
 A great day in the outdoors for me and two friends, and perhaps my last day in the boat this year, but i am hoping that Mother Nature will allow me one more time before my gears shift into ice fishing.

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  1. It was a great day, thanks again Todd for the invite. Don Henry