Monday, December 9, 2013

First ICE trip

One of the first fish of the day, a nice crappie that fell to the VEXILAR FLX-28
Yesterday was the first real trip on the ice of the year for me.  I did make it out on the ice the day after Thanksgiving, but that was a shallow, small pond.  It was fun to get out on that pond, but my buddy Kevin and I didn't stay long as the ice was melting/bending quickly.

David Bowles with a BIG gill
December brought in some awesome cold temperatures, and the ice is growing quickly here in Central Iowa.  This has me especially excited because VEXILAR has introduced a new flasher unit this year.  I have used it several times in the boat, but this was the first real test.  One word...FANTASTIC!  I can't wait to get it out on some public lakes with varied structures and depths.  Either way, it is a great unit.
 Three of my ice fishing buddies made it out on a local farm pond this past Sunday.  Mark, David, Brian and I made it out on this pond and were pleasantly surprised to see 5+ inches of clear, solid ice.  Holes were popped very quickly in the deep basin and it didn't take long for the first fish to come above the ice.

Brian with a "foot-long" crappie
  One crappie after another came out of the water to see the falling snow this day.  When the crappies weren't roaming in the deep basin at about 10 feet deep (18-feet of water), then we could catch a few bluegills roaming or coax a few off the bottom to bite.  It was a great first day on the ice with friends.  We have fished a few times before, and it was like a bunch of brothers getting together after a few years apart.  Which, in the end, after the fish are caught and released...isn't it all about good times had with friends?

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