Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hank's Bait and Tackle Ice Fishing Seminar

I was called a month or so ago by Vexilar to do a presentation at this event.  I have always heard of this bait shop, but hadn't visited it for over ten years.  I kept hearing about all the selection they had for open water fishing and ice fishing.  But how good of a selection could they have, they aren't a "big-box" store.  Either way, I had an opportunity to speak to some ice anglers, which is something I always like to do.
I had decided to talk about ice-ducers and what they actually tell us while ice fishing.  I had a few pictures to aid my presentation and help the viewers understand.  I was looking forward to this opportunity.
As I pulled up the address, I thought my GPS was wrong...this can't be the area???  However, it was, I couldn't believe that I had to park about 2 blocks away from the store, I was shocked.  This was only the beginning, as I walked closer to the store front...I realized that this was no little bait shop.  This place was huge.  I walked into the store and realized I was one of about 150 people.  I was once again blown away.  I immediately started to look around and once again...WOW, the selection at this place is better than any "big-box" store I have ever been to for ice equipment.  The amazement didn't stop there.

A FULL spread of ice shacks at Hank's Bait and Tackle, don't guess
which brand you will like, go see them all at HANK'S.
I was directed to Mike Everett, the store manager.  I have crossed paths with Mike for a few years at some bass tournaments, always a nice person to chat with.  I'm not sure where Mike found his staff for his store, but I'm not sure there is another store that has more knowledge about fishing anywhere.  So, if you are looking for any fishing equipment, especially ice equipment, this is the place to check out.  The selection is better, and the sales staff is more knowledgeable than anywhere to will ever find.  A real gem for this part of the state.  If you haven't visited it lately, or ever, put it on your list.
Hank's has every model of Vexilar out to see,
so you can make a choice on which model is best for you.

Now for the actual event. Hank's Bait and Tackle managed to get Professional Angler Tommy Skarlis (, Shawn Knodt of Striker fishing (, and Scott Reed from Berkley (  This will most likely be the best group of reps at any ice fishing show in Iowa this year.  Again, I was amazed, and honored to be in this select group.  Seminars ran every 20-30 minutes, and anglers were able to ask questions and demo products.  Have I mentioned that Hank's B&T has everything ice fishing???  Just so you have an idea, here is a list of some things I noticed; at least 3 different brands of augers, numerous brands of ice shacks, every single model of Vexilar and all the accessories you will ever need for them.  Selection which is second to NONE in this state.  Hot food, and cold drinks were served, and it was a good thing, as some anglers stayed the entire time, from 4pm-9pm.  This event was huge, and immediately following the event, Mike was already talking about how to make it even next year. 
Enjoy your time on the ice, and if you have an open day, visit Hank's Bait and Tackle for all your fishing needs.

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