Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fall is all but gone

The leaves are down, frost is a regular morning sight and there is no doubt of crispness in the air.  Fall seemed to disappear very quickly this year, and winter is just about here.
This time of year always tears at me, one part me wants to be floating on the river chasing smallmouth and largemouth, while the other side of me wants a few days of solid 20-degree weather so that same river will freeze.  This past weekend I put my big boat away, but still holding out on my river boat...just in case.  The main channel water was 37-degrees...all I could think about was "just 5 more degrees".
However, I have found myself tinkering with my ice fishing gear this past week, mostly due to the big Clear Lake Bait and Tackle ice show that occurred last weekend.
I was asked to give a seminar on using the Vexilars on the ice.  Events like these seem to get my mind always gravitating towards ice fishing, but I am still holding out for a few more bass in the boat!  Choices...Choices...Choices!

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