Monday, November 13, 2017

New Lineup from VEXILAR

Vexilar has once again upped the anti in the game of ice fishing.  This year the FL-12 and FL-20 got facelifts as well as new features added to them.  The FLX-12 and FLX-20 are the new generation of Vexilars.  I have had the new FLX-12 for a few months now and have tested it on the boat several times.  It is crisp, clean and has a very easy display to read and understand.  The features and specifications of the FLX-12 and FLX-20 are improved over the previous models...and the price barely moved.  All new Vexilar units come with a standard 2-year warranty, top-notch customer service and a product that will last many, many years.  Vexilar, a company that continues to put out products that will help you FIND and CATCH more fish.

Below you will see the comparisons for the FL models and how the FLX models are refined and improved.  Don't be afraid to give me a shout with any questions as to which Vexilar may be the best for you.  Or check out VEXILAR.COM for additional info and videos.

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