Sunday, March 4, 2012


I spent most of today preparing several reels for the upcoming fishing season, and wouldn't you know it, snow was falling.  As most of you know, I prefer, and only use Quantum reels.  I have been so happy with this company the past 2 decades and have helped them to sell many more rods and reels.  They help me throughout the year by a sponsorship for gear, which is why I can own the best Quantum products that they make. 
Another reason I like Quantum reels so much, is that they are easy to work on and clean.  Here is a picture of one of the reels I tore down and completely oiled and greased up for the 2012 season.  42 parts in all on this particular model, but after doing several, the Quantums just go right back together. 
It feels good to have this big project done, and soon, hopefully very soon, I will have the sense of mind knowing that my Quantum reels are in top-notch working condition.

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