Thursday, March 1, 2012

In with a BANG!

Yes, March 1st and one bass on the board for me in this early open water season.  I was eager all day to go check a private pond and make a few casts with my new Quantum EXO rod and reel combo.  I pulled up at the pond and it was 90% vacant of ice...YES! 

First cast...smooth reel, the crankbait went flying towards the deeper water. 
Second cast...again, wow, really smooth, I retrieved the crankbait a little slower this time.
Third cast...I really like this new EXO rod and reel!!!  I stopped the crankbait a few times on this retrieve, and BOOM, first bass of the year, a nice chunky 2-pounder.

Back in the water he went, mission accomplished, and really amazed I caught anything.  Really nice to be outside casting, and it was really great I caught one today. 

This only gives me the urge to get back out real soon though...I hope Mother Nature cooperates with some decent weather.


  1. I wasn't as lucky. Water was 37 degrees on the lake I fished, so I didn't expect much. I am not very good this time of year, so I'm working to better understand early spring/ice out bass fishing.... :D HA!

  2. Alright, that does it............I'm going fishing on Sunday, regardless of conditions. Think it will be for Walleye though, maybe smallies.